Sanja Cin (pr: Sanya Chin) writes soft pop songs. Guided by a joy for ear-pleasing melodies, it's the behind-the-scenes stories that are interesting: the endless barking of the neighbor's neglected dog, the jealousy of the friend's friend, but also the themes of heart-break & resilience. 

Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, raised in a small Austrian town, after several years in Vienna, she landed in Manchester. By surprise. What had begun in collaboration with musicians from Austria, turned into her debut EP Bees, produced by Mcr-based multi-musician Alan Keary (Shunya). Again, by surprise, the title had been decided way before knowing anything about the Mancunian symbol. 

Currently, a new collection of soft pop songs is on its way, co-created with drummer, guitarist and producer Rhys Jiang. 

The single Hollywood (released on 3rd October 2023) is making the start. In short, a love letter to dating and (in) confusion, it's an homage to the frictions and hopes, that arise when in relation-ship with others. The video was made by Andrea Pazos around Old Trafford.


what others say: 

"Sanja Cin's songs place her confident, dexterous voice against picking light-fingered guitar play and on Change in Chunks, that process is interspersed with sudden changes; a sumptious chord change here, an unforeseen modulation there. These features bring a subtle jazz-tinged vibe and demonstrate a talent for those little touches that lift a song up a level. It is organic, transparent and cleverly crafted". Neil March/@freshonthenet

 "her music finds that tranquil part of you, lost in the hustle of human conflict, and invites them out to be seen, and appreciated. If pressed to guess influences; Joni Mitchell would shock no-one, I’d also say Haley Heynderickx. Yet at no point during her set did I find myself in too familiar territory. Her voice juxtaposes a sense of wonder and appreciation for life with an ever-present shade of darkness that emanates from her choice of harmony. Lyrically, my favourite of the night; she demonstrates an effortlessness in personal story-telling, complemented so sweetly by delicate yet suitably quirky guitar parts. Big fan, go listen!" Ashley Garrod/@SadBoySemantics


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